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The Powers That Be: Комментарии

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Somebody, help me to translate that!

Короче говоря я сомневаюсь что великий-наблюдатель это Эгонс.

Отредактировано -Vezon- (05-12-2012 12:42:33)



Не согласен , ведь пока Эгонс собирался выпустить Марендера, Великий велика уже действовал и убил несчастных двоих),тем более как мы прочитали эгонсом овладевала легкая паника(тп тоа не должны были выйти из тела Рбт мата нуи)и он был не очень то решителен, а Вв наоборот сразу начал действовать с целью и планом, и последний аргумент, Эгонс намеревался убить только тоа и маторан, в свою очередь Вв начал с сильнейших, а не тоа.

Somebody, help me to translate that!

Да ладно, все понятно. Я вот понял две вещи: что -Vezon- не считает Энгонса и ВВ одним лицом, и что он не подозревает о грамотном письме.



дааа, с грамотностью у меня проблемы)



Интересно, зачем Великим убийца Тоа, если есть Батерры, которые способны вырезать всех, кто носит оружие - и это не только Тоа. Ведь Великие хотели, чтобы все бывшие обитатели ВМ избавили Сферус Магну от своего присутствия, в то время как убийца Тоа охотится только за Тоа.



Я думаю баттеров уже нет на сферус магне , или они есть но в спящем режиме или просто разбросаны по сферус магне.
Но это лично моё мнение.



И ещё интересно, почему Великий Велика выбрал для своего прикрытия именно Войя Нуи и его маторанов?



И ещё интересно, почему Великий Велика выбрал для своего прикрытия именно Войя Нуи и его маторанов?

Потому что так стеклись обстоятельства, нэ? Вряд ли перестройка маторанского тела усилиями Карзахни входила в планы Велики, да и сама ссылка в Карзахни, наверняка, также.



а я думал что он остался  на воя нуи  после того как они игнику туда поместили
вот я LOL ))

Отредактировано -Vezon- (08-12-2012 15:35:10)



Привет всем !а когда выйдет продолжение? Уж очень интересно как там оказался Маврах



Привет всем !а когда выйдет продолжение? Уж очень интересно как там оказался Маврах




Привет всем !а когда выйдет продолжение? Уж очень интересно как там оказался Маврах


Почему же никогда ,может что - нибудь напишет к году эдак 2034 .

Отредактировано -Vezon- (08-02-2013 13:26:05)



Неожиданный поворот , существует 5 глава , только на англисском

Chapter 5
Kopaka and Pohatu glanced at each other warily. Both had heard Turaga Vakama’s tales, and both recalled that in the tales Mavrah had died, preferring death to living without his precious Rahi. Surprisingly, it was Kopaka that found his voice first.

“The only Mavrah I know of is dead,” the Toa of Ice said coldly, “drowned when the Toa Metru fought off his horde of Rahi.”

“I am that Mavrah,” said the Onu-Matoran. “And I can tell you that I’ve had plenty of time to regret that choice. Don’t you know where we are?”

“If we can trust our ‘friend’, then we are on the Red Star.” Pohatu responded. “That said… he did vanish rather quickly.”

“Your friend?” the so-called Mavrah asked.

“He goes by the name of Gaardus, and supposedly used to be a Matoran.” Kopaka answered.

The Onu-Matoran visibly tensed, glancing back at the door nervously before responding.
“I know him,” Mavrah said. “He’s not welcome much, here.”

“Why not? What did he do?” Pohatu asked. “Those beings, the Kestora – they said much the same as you have.”

“Gaardus is the reason we’re stuck here,” Mavrah said bitterly. “When you die down there, you’re supposed to come up here and be repaired before you’re sent back down.”

“Except Gaardus didn’t do that,” Pohatu guessed.

Mavrah nodded. “He was… frightened, I guess. When the Kestora finished fixing him he broke loose. After that, I’m not sure what happened – but Gaardus was suddenly teleporting out of here and the Red Star shut down. You can come up, but you can’t go back down.”

The two Toa Nuva shared a glance. Pohatu shrugged, not knowing what to make of the situation. Before either of the Toa could speak again, however, Mavrah held a finger up to his mask, shushing them. As they stood still, the sounds from before came to a stop directly outside the room they were in.

“Oh no…” Mavrah whispered.

Kopaka and Pohatu readied their weapons as the door swung open without so much as a creak, but neither of them was prepared for the shape that wedged itself through the open doorway. It looked like a Visorak gone horribly wrong, a mismatch of limbs, none of which were the same size. It had purple slits where its eyes should be, and two long arms with hideous claws.

“Well, one isn’t so bad, right?” Pohatu asked.

He ate his words when a second, third, fourth, and a fifth creature all entered the room after the first, each of them unique in the arrangement of their bodies and all of them bearing that same resemblance to the Visorak.

“What are those things?” asked the Toa of Stone.

“They have no name,” Mavrah responded, “but we call them ‘Mutant Visorak’.”

“I suppose it fits well enough.” Pohatu said.

“Ssssilence…” one of the creatures hissed. “You have broken the rulessss… you musssst be punisssshed.”

“Please don’t tell me that the Mutant Visorak are talking,” said Pohatu. “Visorak don’t talk.”

“These ones do.” Mavrah told him. “The Kestora created them as a way to hunt us down – they’re created by submerging two different Visorak at once into a pool of Hordika Venom mixed with Energized Protodermis.”

“Ssssilence…” the creature hissed again.

“So I freeze them and we get out of here,” Kopaka said, shrugging and raising his weapon.

Before he could attack, one of the creatures lunged at him with the speed of lightning, fastening its jaws onto the Toa’s shoulder. Kopaka flung it away and blasted it with ice, but the Mutant Visorak shrugged it off as thought it were a slight breeze.

“What is going on here?” Kopaka demanded, turning to Mavrah.
“The process made them immune to most elemental powers,” Mavrah told them, “and some of the others – earth, for instance – weren’t exactly useful enough to resist them. You won’t find many Toa aboard the Red Star anymore.”

“My turn, then.” Pohatu decided.

But before Pohatu could even begin his attack two of the Mutant Visorak leapt in his direction. Using his Mask of Speed he dodged around them, only to run right into a third that instantly pinned him to the wall. Activating his Mask of Strength, Pohatu tried to push the creature off – but to his astonishment, the Kanohi failed to activate.
“Let me guess,” the Toa of Stone managed as claws closed in around his throat, “mask dampening powers?”
Mavrah nodded as he ducked underneath one of the creatures and dove across the room to Kopaka, pulling him away from a sneaky attacker. The Toa of Ice smacked a creature away, but there were too many for him to battle with no powers at his disposal. It was like a nightmare encounter with the Bohrok-Kal.

“I refuse to die here in the dark, cornered like a rat.” Kopaka snapped.

“You don’t have much choice,” Mavrah muttered beside him. “They’re – augh!”

Kopaka lunged around and grabbed Mavrah by the shoulders, trying to pull him away from the Mutant Visorak attempting to drag the Onu-Matoran away.
“Face it, we’re doomed. Just let me go.” Mavrah said.


Kopaka swung his sword around and dug the point into the leg of the creature, which let Mavrah go with a howl of pain.

“At least they feel pain,” Kopaka growled.

“Sssstop ressssissssting… you cannot win!” one of the Mutant Visorak hissed. “Your friend already ssssuccumbssss to our power.”

Kopaka risked a glance over to Pohatu, who was struggling feebly in the crushing grip of a Mutant Visorak across the room. Kopaka glanced to Mavrah and shrugged before throwing the Onu-Matoran against the room and into the beast holding Pohatu. The creature merely flicked Mavrah away, and the next moment Mavrah was being held to the floor in a kneeling position by two more of the Mutant Visorak. Kopaka sighed at the failure of his final plan.

“Your time hassss come,” the creature before Kopaka said. “Come quietly, and perhapssss we will sssspare you ssssome pain.”

“I’ll die before you take me,” Kopaka said.

“Nobody ever diessss…” the Mutant Visorak said, “not until the very end.”

Kopaka swung his sword at the creature but was immediately disarmed. Refusing to admit defeat, he blocked the creature’s first attack with his shield before he was caught in the side by a whip-like appendage and spun into the wall, crashing to the floor. As he recovered himself, he found the Mutant Visorak standing above him.

“All of the greatesssst Toa fall to ussss in the end,” the creature told him.

Kopaka stared up into the slits that passed for eyes and waited for death to take him… only to reel in shock as the Mutant Visorak suddenly went rigid, trembling violently and screaming so loudly it reminded Kopaka of the Makuta in Karda-Nui. Sparks burst all over the Mutant Visorak as it lost all capability for speech, the trembling stopping as it slumped to the ground, silent. Glancing around the room, Kopaka saw that the same had happened to every other Mutant Visorak. Mavrah was unsteadily getting to his feet and Pohatu was leaning against the wall, breathing heavily.

“What happened?” Kopaka asked Mavrah hoarsely.

The Onu-Matoran pointed towards the doorway – Kopaka followed the motion to a Toa standing amidst the bodies of the creatures, electricity crackling in her palms. Judging from the nature of the attack and the colour of her armor, Kopaka figured she was a Toa of Lightning.

“You’re lucky I showed up,” the Toa said, stepping inside and offering him a hand up. “Lightning is one of the few elements those foul things don’t have an immunity to.”

“Thank you,” Kopaka said grudgingly.

“I suppose I can now officially welcome you to your worst nightmare, the Red Star,” Mavrah said. “However, you can say hello to one of the few decent survivors- and the only Toa left that can take down the Mutant Visorak. Her name is Nikila.”

Down on the planet below, the remains of Tren Krom were watched by another pair of eyes – belonging to a Toa of Air.

Lesovikk did not dare to leave his hiding place, not yet fully understanding the situation. After hunting down Karzahni he had been knocked out – when he had woken up his weapon was gone and Karzahni was dead. Following a trail, he had managed to catch up to Kopaka Nuva and Pohatu Nuva and followed them here, knowing they suspected him as the guilty party.

What he had not expected was for Tren Krom to explode, all the while searing an image of the Red Star into his mind. Kopaka and Pohatu had beaten him to the scene and they had then been teleported away by a figure calling itself Gaardus – who had reappeared moments before, alone, and flown away… leaving the fates of the two Toa Nuva in question.

Whatever is going on here, it’s not good, Lesovikk thought. If something can kill the likes of Karzahni and Tren Krom that easily, does a Toa stand any hope of defeating them?

Crouching down next to the remains of Tren Krom, Lesovikk went over the situation in his head. Kopaka and Pohatu had most likely informed someone that they were tracking Lesovikk down – but they had not had time, to his knowledge, to go back and start telling people that Lesovikk was a suspected murderer. He could use that to his advantage.

I need help from somebody more powerful than I am, he decided, which means I need an audience with Tahu.

The Toa of Air stood to his feet, glancing in the direction he must start walking. He had never wanted to be a hero, not since his team died. However, it was beginning to seem like fate was not going to give him a choice.

If only he was in time.



-Vezon-, фанфик жеж.



-Vezon-, фанфик жеж.

Стар я стал , фанфик пользовательский от произведения искусства  отделять я разучился , мне нет прощенья , в изгнание уйти я должен . в систему дегоба я полечу.
Если серьезно я сначала подумал мол и вправду 5 глава , но когда дело дошло до битвы висораков ...........эээхх, не то .



Ты почто Йоду цитируешь нарушаешь права теперь уже (эээх) Диснея. Был бы он первый снисходительней была бы критика.






Согласен ты один сплошной Faceрalm! :D,:O,:P.



Сэр,вы идиот.



Молчи мой верный оруженосец, иногда лучше смолчать.



иногда лучше смолчать.

Так какого ты все ещё разговариваешь?
Кажется я ошибся назвав тебя "Сэр",ты определенно не достоин этого .



Заткнись холоп и делай свою работу(отвечай на мои посты чтоб смешно получалось,устраивай перепалки,оскорбляй других,выноси мозги) короче твою обычною активность на форуме.



А вот открытых оскорблений тут не надо! Завуалировано - сколько душе угодно. Но не так же прямо/



Заткнись холоп и делай свою работу(отвечай на мои посты чтоб смешно получалось,устраивай перепалки,оскорбляй других,выноси мозги) короче твою обычною активность на форуме.

Я не настолько опустился,чтобы подчинятся детям,которые все ещё у мамки на груди висят.



Полегче, крутые парни, эта тема не выдерживает вашей крутости.
Харэ оффтопить-то, забодали.  :D



Все претензии к нему,я всего лишь машина быстрого реагирования на умственно отсталых пользователей.


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